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“Wow that sounds awesome! Thailand sounds beautiful my dad has gone for work but unfortunately due to my class schedules I missed the opportunity to go. I did how ever get to see Africa on my Study Abroad trip, I didn’t see any elephants even though I would have LOVED to (not to mention ride one!) but the part I was in didn’t have any, I was lucky enough to see a few giraffes which is my favorite animal.”

“I’ve never had a chance to go to myrtle beach but from what i hear it sounds relaxing and fun. And the Bahamas after graduation sounds like an awesome idea! Hope your trip goes accordingly! “




      Summer seems to be flying by. Following a week of family vacation in Florida, I thought for this week’s topic I would ask you about your favorite summer vacation(s). What made it so special? Where was it? Would you want to go back to your fave vacation spot again?


This trip technically wasn’t a summer vacation, it was a spring break trip,  my family hasn’t done a vacation together since 1997 (Disney World). This was special to me because it was the first vacation I’ve had to myself that I enjoyed with my  best friend. We spent a week in South Beach, Miami,  we were  so close to the famous Sunset Blvd and Ocean Ave,  they were literally a 3 minute walk outside our door. The weather was great, the beach was beautiful, and the city never slept. It was interesting to see the all the famous people just enjoying time on the beach and also the food was GREAT. I was also able to spot out some places in Miami that have been used in numerous movies and shows (Scarface, Keeping up with the Kardashians,Jersey Shore, as well as a few other MTV and VH1 shows) My trip to Miami was a relaxing and fun way to spend my spring break. If I had the chance to go back I most definitely would the only thing I would be concerned about would be whether or not a zombie would attack me (


blog comments July 13

“I completely agree the fining seems a bit ridiculous. I often multitask with texting and walking, being a college student i am always on the move so “killing two birds with on stone” or talking when i can is always my option of choice. So far i’ve never hurt a single person when doing so (knock on wood lol).”

“I completely agree this is ridiculous and i too have been known to trip or bump into someone on the phone or not. Even if you do bump into someone its not a fatal accident or then end of the world, most just say “excuse me and keep moving”. unless you texting and crossing a highway I don’t see much of a problem with walking and texting.”

Safe to Text and Walk?


What are your thoughts? Have you been guilty of this? What are your thoughts about fining those caught texting & walking? What about banning it all together? Is banning it the answer? What public relations tactics can be used to alert the public of this problem?

To be honest I find it all to be a bit ridiculous to start issuing out fines for it, (maybe because i do it all the time lol).  I can  however understand the need for it, after reading the stories some people just simple can not multi-task and unfortunately those are the ones that ruin it for everyone.  I don’t believe it is necessary to ban texting and walking all together but i do think that something should be done about those who  are displaying signs of carelessness when texting and can be threat to those around them or themselves. For example a person texting while walking across the street, obviously is extremely dangerous and is easily preventable. Situations like this deserve some type of fine. As far as just walking on the sidewalk a fine is completely unnecessary in my opinion the most  it causes is a person to bump into someone or run into something. i feel just apologizing and moving on is acceptable and running into something the pain and embarrassment is enough.

a Public Relations tactic could be to work with the police to explain what is acceptable and what is not when one is walking and texting. Obviously the target audience would be teens, but from the look of the news reports adults (30+) are the ones that seem to be having the problem walking and texting. Ads and texting safety programs can help spread the awareness and get people thinking and conscious.

July 2 Comments

“Taking everything with a grain of salt is something that is easy to forget and I agree that’s a good thing to add. Not taking everything so personal and being overly emotionally affected by the person can help move things along as oppose to dwelling on personality issues.”
“I completely agree not taking thing personally does help “ease the pain” of frustration when working with a difficult person. By keeping an “its just business” mindset helps you and the person realize that you both have the same goal of getting the project done and that its not a personal matter (even though in some cases they are personal).”

Difficult People

Ragan’s PR Daily recently gave a list of 12 Productive ways to deal with difficult people. Working in public relations (or any field for that matter), you will find yourself working with difficult people – whether it’s co-workers or clients. After reading Ragan’s list, what would you add to it? Have you found yourself using any of the 12 ways Ragan suggests? If so, which ones?

As a communications student we have always been clumped into those group projects, and I know everyone has had to deal with the people who you just don’t seem to mesh with. As I read Ragan’s list of ways to deal, I can honestly say that I don’t followed the first 3 rules listed( and I should):

1. Identify their difficult-ness

2.Think about their overall goals

3.Consider their possible fears

these are some perspective that can really help you move past the “difficult-ness” faster by seeing things eye to eye. No seeing eye to eye or having different styles of working may cause problems. Working in the group you should have the same if not similar goals and by looking at that you start to see things differently when working with the person. It becomes more of a team effort.

The rest of the ways Ive been using such as looking at the persons strengths, considering my own behavior and empathize. I feel they have helped me along the way with completing a group task and move past the difficulties and leave the project with a better mindset. I feel theses ways are important in working with groups as well as maintaining good people skills and being better communicators. By being a better communicator it helps you in future group projects as well as leadership positions.

I don’t think I would add anything really to this list because i think it touches on finding the strengths, putting yourself in their shoes, and watching how you come off towards them!

PRCA 3030 Blog comments week 1

My cell phone is definitely my life as well. I don’t even think i would be able to handle life without smart phones. Which shows i definitely need to back up about over using it. You made some great points and makes me question am i addicted to my iphone.

I agree with your point and find it so hard for myself to break away from my phone with all it’s capabilities. I also agree with your point on face to face communication i feel that is something that is important and meaningful. When i am into my phone this is something i will remember as well as try and become more aware of it.


Since the age of 13 I have be in a serious relationship, it is one that I have found myself to not being able to function without. Sadly enough that is the relationship I have with my cell phone, we have been joined at the hip for going on 10 years now. I have had a total of  8 or 9 different types of cell phone each one more “intelligent” than the next. Over theses ten years I’ve learned how to successfully use them to advantage in almost any situation. As one phone reaches its “life span” you find yourself on a quest to find the next big thing. “Does it have internet access?” “Have  a good quality camera?” or “What can it do?” Cell phones have pretty much evolved into pocket sized computers.

After a good 3 years with Blackberry I finally decided to part ways and join the iPhone community . My iPhone pretty much is my life in my pocket, it keeps track of just about everything going on in my life. I use it to keep myself up to date with news and my social life. I find myself using my phone as a computer than an actual phone, I rarely make calls i now “tweet” to see how some people are doing, I use it to keep myself up on whats going on in my community through social networking. As stated earlier my phone is always on me (my day doesn’t feel complete with out it, if anything my day won’t start without it, its also my alarm clock!) so i am constantly checking it whether it be the time, my email, or just updates in general its something I do once every hour or so, it may be by the  minute but that’s something I wont admit to myself (lol).

Being so attached to my phone has it’s ups as well as it’s downs:

Plus sides being:

  • its extremely convenient
  • faster way to find things out
  • has multiple uses
  • always at your reach


  • disconnects you from the real world after a while
  • easy to lose or get taken
  • major distraction
  • with it being so close to you all the time you can also find your self “tweeting in the moment” and that can get you into some trouble at times

Although there are some downsides to being in the smartphone age, I find the good out weighing the bad, its an awesome tool that can help you network and gather information when used properly! I for one love my phone and am excited an curious to know what comes out next around my next upgrade.

Got Mail?

Source: Warner Bros.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of direct mail for a Public Relations Professional.

As I continue my journey to obtain my degree in Public Relation, I have come to realize that emails have become my go to method of communication when dealing with professionals (especially since becoming a committee head for the PRSSA Regional Conference) . My sent and received message have come close to my text message count( they have surpassed the number of phone calls). I  find that sending mail has its advantages and disadvantages, although some still use “snail mail” I seem to enjoy the benefits of electronic mail for there are a lot more pros than cons with using that method which i will get to in a moment.

First lets start withe the advantages:

1.  Convenient — with the development of Smart Phones  and laptops an email can be sent literally anywhere and delivered at any time.

2. Quickness what use to take 2-3 days can now be sent and received in seconds with a click of a button.

3. Better response rates– people are more likely to respond to an email than a regular letter

4. Less annoying– lets face it if it’s not a dire emergency or a family member, people are less likely to answer your call, an email makes this much easier (eliminates awkward small talk)


1. Skimmed over— No one really has time to look at a long drawn out letter people want to get straight to the point  and skim over your letter and may miss some very important information.

2. Get lost– everyone now asks for your email address, and people are reading less and less. Your message may get lost in a “sea of spam” never to be seen again. The post office can also miss sort your letter if you choose that route

3. Overdone–  just like over calling someone, it is possible to accidentally over message someone deterring  them from reading your messages.

4. It is not as personal–  Although direct mail can be personalized it does not have the same effect as face-to-face communication and keeping and creating those personal and not virtual relationships.

Although direct mail is convenient and easier it also important to step from behind the laptop, pen, or phone and keep in mind that there are personal methods of communication that can not be replaced.

Old School v. New School

Compare and Contrast the use for Public Relations Practitioners of modern communication tools and traditional communication tools.

The way we communicate now and the way we use to communicate have drastically changed over the years, what use to take days now only takes a matter of seconds. It has become a lot more convenient and a message can be sent any where and received at a quicker rate. In a matter of a few minutes a person in china can receive a letter  all the way from the united states. With the development of smart phones and social networks keeping in touch has become easier to manage, although the way we communicate has become faster and easier we are losing a sense of person communication like hand written messages, phone calls, and face-to-face meetings are now being placed on the back burner.

With the new communication tools we need to make sure we are still keeping the traditional tools relevant in the profession today to keep personal relationships apart of our priority as communicators in the Public Relations profession .